Friday, January 23, 2015

Wesley Sermon #31

I was sick and you visited me (Matthew 25:36)

Works of mercy are means of grace. To refuse to be merciful is, therefore, a rejection of grace. How serious, then, the almost universal neglect for visiting the sick?

Here is a method to this means of grace:
1)    Pray before you go (remain prayerful throughout)
2)    Inquire as to their physical condition
3)    Provide whatever assistance you are able
4)    Inquire as to their spiritual condition
5)    As Spirit leads, press for repentance
6)    Leave them some simple spiritual resource
7)    Conclude every meeting with prayer
8)    Visit them again (discuss the resource)
9)    Upon their improvement, stay involved/helpful

All who are on the path to perfection shall regularly visit the bedsides of the sick (whether their sickness be in mind or body, whether they are believers or not).

The rich must visit the sick (personally, not by proxy). Voluntary ignorance of their condition is no excuse. The poor must visit them also. Even if they have no material goods to share, they may share Jesus! They may pray! The young can share their energy; the old, their wisdom. Both men and women have much to give in this ministry.

Since showing mercy is a means of grace, the rewards always outweigh the cost. It’s a matter of life or death.

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