Saturday, January 17, 2015


Previously I posted my favorite #makeamoviecanadian

Today I'm posting my favorite #elderlytvshows

In no particular order...

That 70's Show (about people in their 70's)
Saved by the Life Alert Bell
How I Met Your Great Grandmother
How I Forgot Your Mother
Lost... Again
It's Always Sunny in Florida
Aching Bad
The Walking Deaf
The Walking Dead
So You think You Can Stand
So You think You Can Blanche
Different Stroke
Star Trek: I'll Tell You What's Wrong with the Next Generation
Whose Lane is it Anyway?
Whose Flat Line is it Anyway?
The Fresh Prince of Ear-Hair
Nursing Home Improvement
Battlestar Sciatica
Alzheimer's in the Family
Golden Gilmore Girls
Cardiac Arrested Development
Grandparent Hood
Call the Ambulance
The 100 Year Olds
Better Off Dead
Seinfell and He Can't Get Up
General Hospice
Days of Our Lives (are numbered)
All My Grandchildren
Facts of Life Support
The New Dentures of Old Christine
Curb Your Euthanasia
Mad About Euthanasia
Suddenly Snoozin
Switched at Death
Just Shoot Me Already
Law & Order D.N.R.
AARP in Cincinnati
Keeping up with the Cardiologist
Doctor Who?
Ugly Betty White
2 Stroke Girls
Decrepit Housewives
American Idle
Hip Busters
Saturday Night Still Alive
Monday Night Footbath
Grey-Haired Anatomy

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