Friday, January 02, 2015


My aim this year is to become more consistent in certain disciplines. My resolutions are based on Luke 2:52.

In Wisdom
* To continue to read daily
* Willingness to try new authors/genres

In Stature
* Eat breakfast, portion control on snacks
* Play more sports/go for walks or bike rides

In Favor with God
* Pray at start and end of day
* Fast Tue/Thur lunch

In Favor with People
* Be more aggressive in initiating contact w/friends
* Stop useless web browsing and play with daughters


Elizabeth said...

I like it!

I'm not doing any formal "resolutions" this year. I do have my one word and some renewed goals to complete my 33 challenges. But if I were to make one I think I would use the same breakdown.

Terry said...

We should do the Wednsday night basketball games again, but not on Wednsday vcause of awana! I have a friend who woulfd go, maybe two.