Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Runners Up

I've decided to expand my top 10 list to include all shows that I determine are primarily sci-fi. I'll admit that putting a show in its 'primary' category is not always easy. For example, LOST certainly had sci-fi elements (time-travel, a smoke monster, etc.), but I think it fits better in the category of 1-hour dramas. Speaking of 1-hour dramas, Eureka is an interesting show to categorize. It's an hour long, and there's usually some drama involved. Then again, it's also a lot 'lighter' than LOST and more focused on sci-fi aspects. I think Eureka fits better in the sci-fi category. Then you have shows like Futurama. It's funny and takes place in space. Does it best fit in the sci-fi category? I think not. I'll place it in the sitcom category. All of this to say, it's not easy to make a top-10 list for a TV genre.

So what shows did I determine fit the Sci-Fi genre but failed to make the top 10? In no particular order: Eureka- I think its best shot to make a top 10 was the sci-fi category, but it falls just short Battlestar Galactica (orginal)- Really good for its time Star Trek (original)- At one time it would have made the list, but I've seen too many better shows since then Tales from the Crypt- Slightly different genre. I enjoyed it years ago, but not enough. The Outer Limits- Same deal as above Earth 2- I didn't hate it, but it definitely wasn't on the level as my top 10 shows

I'm sure there are many other shows that fit in this genre that I'm not going to write about and didn't make my top 10. And I know there are shows that I haven't watched yet that might replace something on my top 10.

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