Thursday, November 12, 2009

Do I Eat Bugs?

Sometimes I wake up in the morning with a tickle in my throat and a need to cough. The tickle pretty much doesn't go away for about half an hour. This just started happening in the past 3 years. It seems to come in spurts (like 4 times in a week, then not at all for months). Anyways, those are the symptoms.

So, am I eating bugs? Please tell me I'm not eating bugs.

I also wonder if it has something to do with my eating habits. I could start keeping stats on what I eat and how late I eat and whether or not it corresponds to the coughing. Last night, for instance, I ate 6 mini-butterfinger bars just before bed. I also wonder if it has to do with laying on my back longer than usual (I usually sleep on my stomach). I will investigate, but maybe some readers have had common experiences :)


Mommy of Three said...

could be drainage. It's worse at night. But just so you knw--the average person swallows 7 spiders a year in their sleep.

matthew said...

oh my... i hope my wife doesn't read that comment!!!

sheila said...

try a humidifier in your room for a couple of months or that sticky, fly-paper trap. lol

good luck.

I really hope you didn't figure you were going to get some expert advice with this.

Elizabeth said...

It's bugs. If the average is 7 someone has to eat more to keep the numbers high.

matthew said...

haha, thanks ladies