Monday, November 09, 2009

Delayed Thoughts

A couple Sunday's ago I had the opportunity to teach the 3rd-5th Grade Sunday School Class for one of my teachers who would be out of town. This year, they are going through the Old Testament with the Bible Story Cards, and the lesson was on Abraham offering Issac as a sacrifice.

With the teens we just wrapped up a couple weeks talking about different Bible Study Methods, and apparently I wasn't paying enough attention when I was teaching it..... or I was underestimating the 3rd-5th graders comprehension!!

Back to the Sunday School Class...we reviewed the previous lessons, memory verses, prayer, etc, and then I shared the "story" of Abraham and Issac. As we were discussing it, I got a couple questions that helped me stop and reevaluate a  little bit my own understanding of the story. The one that stuck out with me the most was "Was it hard for Issac to forgive his dad for almost killing him?"

So often we read Scripture and just read the words that are there, not reading between the lines to think about how the characters may have felt or what it would have been like to be there. Some things are hard to comprehend because we don't understand the cultures, etc, but a lot of stuff is common to human nature and reactions! Every time we read Scripture we can pull something new from it.



sheila said...

It's good to hear/see that we are raising up a generation who thinks. I hope.

We just did the story of Moses in the basket. It has to be more about obedience to God than how others view us or what we 'think' the outcome should be.

God honors obedience, with Abraham and Jochabed they gave their sons and God returned them.

We talked about how Moses must of felt being taken to the Pharoh's house and left. He was a little boy. Makes you stop and think.

Obedience, contrary to popular belief, is not always easy.

In God's Love, sheila

sheila said...


Obedience, contrary to popular belief, is not always easy but is always honored by the One who matters.

Katie said...

Sheila- very true!

It also must have been quite a learning experience for Isaac- he had a father who loved him very much, but Abraham showed his son how we are supposed to obey God in everything... you don't get much more extreme than that.