Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Window Shopping

I know it's been mentioned before, but one of Matthew and my's favorite past times is looking at houses and floor plans. This weekend, we went to an open house in our area that was in a pretty good location, with pretty nice rooms (judging by the pictures on the internet) and also pretty well out of our price range by about $60,000. Unfortunately, some of the things that were contributing to the higher price were things that we really didn't want in the first place!

For some reason, this isn't a depressing hobby. At the end of the day I'm happy to be living in our apartment in the barn (for those of you just tuning in... yes, a barn) and not have all the expenses that come with owning a home.



matthew said...

yeah, we love looking at houses on remax. And now we've actually visited 2 such houses. One was beneath our price range but needed a ton of work. One was above our price range and had extras we didn't care about.

Maybe that means the next house we actually look at will be just right

Dena said...

I, too, have the hobby of staring at floor plans and online window shopping for houses. Even when I drive by a 'for sale' house in our town I have to stop and look and think it over, even when we're not in the market. I'm constantly revising what my 'dream dream house' would be and what my 'practical dream house' would be for various stages of life (different, of course, if we have small children, bigger kids or are empty nesters). Yet Elliott can't understand how I can dream of the perfect house yet be so content with whatever we live in at the moment. I get it, and I''m glad you're content with your place, too. But I do need to hear more about you living in a barn, please.

Katie said...

Dena- We also have a floor plan for our "dream house" using Sims, we've even been able to somewhat re-create it; unfortunately, Sims isn't able to do all the things I want!!

As to the barn- I didn't realize that was news, but if you don't live around here and we don't mention it- then how would you know?!??! I guess I will write about that next Wednesday!