Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I am thinking of making my wardrobe VERY simple and wearing white t-shirts 5 or 6 days each week. I find white t-shirts very comfortable. And they match everything. And I don't have a lot of weekday shirts that I like anyways. Why not? This is your last chance to stop me.


Steph W said...

The only problem with white shirts is that they can get dull-looking pretty quickly, and they're a pain to clean when they get stained. Are you prepared to be doing all the cleaning of these shirts? It doesn't seem fair if you are simplifying your life while complicating things for your dear wife. :)

Elizabeth said...

Simon Cowell wears a black t-shirt everyday...I'm sure you can pull off the white t-shirt uniform.

matthew said...

I am not prepared to do all the cleaning of the shirts

But I am prepared to wear dull looking shirts!

In the winter I figure this will keep the work to a minimum, as I will be washing my t-shirts, but there may not be need to wash whatever long sleeve shirt i wear over them

Coady said...

Hey Matt,

I think it's great that someone else in this world will be wearing white-t's most days other than me.

Take care