Friday, July 31, 2009

Thursday @ Camp

On the last full day of camp we were pretty sore (as Katie mentioned below). We still made it up for breakfast, though, and I taught a seminar on "How to Stay Christian in Culture" based on a little chart I made up a month or so ago. I thought it went really well. Rick Cavenough's morning Bible study was quite good too (based on the fig tree story). After lunch Katie, myself, Aaron & Cassie played Settlers of Catan. It was only my second time playing that game. After supper & service we played some more volleyball and had some really good games going until about 11:30pm. Then we began our tradition of staying up late on the last night of camp. I played Trix with the teens and then rummy with the real traditionalists (Donna, Cassie, Katie). Now it is 4:16. Our room was toilet papered when we got in here (clearly the work of Phil and his posse). Now it's 4:17 and I'm done typing.

67 for Hess Rd. attendance (1st place in district!)
30+ chocolate milks

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