Monday, April 13, 2009

Sports Talk

I have a variety of thoughts about recent sporting news which I will combine into 1 post:

1. The world baseball championship was dumb. Unless all the key players are involved, it just isn't very interesting to me. I didn't watch more than 5 minutes of it.
2. The Sabres missed the playoffs for the 2nd year in a row and fans are starting to call for coach Lindy Ruff to be fired. But I'd stick with him. I think he's a good coach and if you get the right group, he can get them to compete for the Cup.
3. I didn't watch the NCAA Championship game. Once all the Big East school's were out, I didn't care anymore, especially b/c I actually play basketball on Monday nights.
4. I probably won't watch any full games during the NHL Playoffs. Does this mean I'm not a true hockey fan?
5. I will watch a few hours of the NFL Draft later in April. This is one of my favorite sporting events.


shallowfrozenwater said...

i write a fantasy hockey blog at and i also write about non-hockey items at my blogspot addy. the reason i mention this is because every hockey fan should definitely watch playoff hockey, even if their team isn't in the mix. my team (Leafs) is also on the outside but still ... ya gotta love the game and it's very pure during playoff time.

matthew said...

I think your point is a good one. i think when I made point #4 i was still upset about the Sabres, but when I turned on a playoff game this weekend, it was hard to stop watching. Playoff hockey is, as you say, great stuff