Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Idol #7

Tuesday's episode was a little better than last week, even though Tarantino is pretty strange. Here are my scores (this week, name, overall total):

24 Adam Lambert (98)
23 Anoop Desai (85)
22 Kris Allen (92)

21 Danny Goakey (91)
21 Allison Iraheta (89)
20 Lil Rounds (82)
20 Matt Giraud (82)

So, I predict that Adam, Kris, Danny, & Allison are safe. Anoop probably protected himself for an extra week at least. Either Lil or Matt will leave. I predict Matt will go home. In fact, I will make a bolder prediction. If anyone besides Matt or Lil gets voted off, the judges will use their veto.

Adam is assured a spot in the final 3. Alison has a good shot at making the final 3 b/c she'll be the only remaining girl. The real battle is b/w Kris, Danny & Anoop to claim the FINAL final 3 spot. I'd pick Kris.

*** Update. I was very surprised that they kept Matt Giraud on the show. He's definitely one of the weakest remaining contestants. And I just don't see a scenario where he survives into the final 4. Pretty stupid. Both Matt & Lil should go next week, no matter how they do.

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