Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Idol #5

Last night's episode was pretty good. I liked the genre and didn't hate any of the songs or performances. Here are my stats (last night, name, total score):

24 Allison Iraheta (134)

24 Adam Lambert (146)
24 Danny Goakey (137)
23 Kris Allen (138)
22 Matt Giraud (126)

To me, it would be absolutely shocking and a terrible pick if anybody but Matt Giraud goes home. He is a good 8 points behind Allison for 4th place and is a definite step below the other 4 participants. I think America will get it right.

UPDATE I was right about Matt getting voted out, but I was surprised Adam was in the bottom two. I think this is a very good thing, as it means the competition is wide open. I also think the 4 remaining people really are the best 4 from this season.

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Katie said...

I still think Danny's face when they said Adam was in the bottom 3 was priceless. Both him and Allison looked frozen that they beat Adam for this round!