Friday, April 03, 2009

2 Books

If I could research and write really fast, I'd write 2 books today (prompted by my 'contemporary theology' class at Houghton).

Learning from Losers
While I think most of the theologians we've studied are far too liberal for my liking, I do think they have some worthwhile motivations for their works. In this book, I would try to highlight the redeeming value of a handful of popular liberal theologians.

Theology from the Way
I've come to determine that it's very unfortunate that when we study contemporary theology we only study people with a collection of impressive degrees (but, sometimes, not very impressive lives). But if theology is about studying/knowing God, then surely some of the greatest theologians are Bible teachers/practitioners. I'd love to identify a handful of 'on the ground' theologians and write about their (non-systematic) theologies.


Aaron Perry said...

Hey Matthew, what liberal theologians do you have in mind?

matthew said...

I was thinking of Tillich in particular b/c he was the subject of our class discussion thursday