Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Trinity Illustration

I have been working on a new illustration of the Trinity. I am not a believer that the Trinity can be perfectly illustrated by triangles, eggs, H2O, or anything else on earth. That being said, I find the pendulum helpful in this regard (though I know there are some major problems with this illustration).

A pendulum has four working features: A pivot, a rod, the Law of Gravity, and a bob. The pivot is the source. The rod connects the source to the bob. The bob swings back and forth in a constant struggle with gravity to exist at the center. As more weight is added to the bob, gravity dictates that there will be less of a swing. Eventually time (the most common function of a pendulum) will be no more.

Christian theology has four working features: The Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and the Church. The Father is the source. The Son connects the Father to the Church. The Church swings back and forth in a constant struggle with the Spirit to exist at the center of God's will. As more people are added to the Church throughout history, the Spirit dictates that there will be less of a swing. When the quality and quantity of the church is maximized, time will be no more.


Aaron Perry said...

I just don't find myself speaking with people who want or need illustrations that much, but thanks for another to add to the list. My favourite illustration is an eternal tree. The roots support and uphold the trunk which gives way to the branches. The roots are neither the trunk nor the branches; the trunk is neither the roots nor the branches; the branches are neither the trunk nor the roots. All three are separate, yet without division. All three are of the same substance.

matthew said...

I'd have to say that it is somewhat regular for me to have someone ask for help in understanding the concept of the Trinity. But that may be b/c I frequent message boards where religions are debated. But even at our church I find a lot of newish Christians asking about these things in Sunday school.

Actually, this particular illustration is secondary to my primary thoughts about a pendulum theory. I am using the combination of the two for a paper I am writing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt, I finished reading a book called "The Shack" about a month ago. I cannot recall the author but one of the main problem the character runs into is understanding the Trinity and their how they related to on another. I was wondering if you might have read the book and if you had any thoughts on how it was protrayed. Thanks for the time you put into this blog I read it often but never have responded.

Gilly (from the range)

matthew said...

Hey Gilly :)

I'd be able to give some feedback on that in a short while. I'm about 30% through the Shack right now. I don't have much time for fiction, so I keep it in my car and read when I'm delayed somewhere. But it's a quick read.

I have heard the author interviewed. Seems like an interesting guy.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Talk to you on the range :)