Thursday, October 23, 2008

Solid, Leaning, Toss-up

I really enjoy the Real Clear Politics site when it comes to the latest polls. The site is frequently updated and very easy to navigate for solid information. At the bottom of the linked page, it shows which states are SOLIDLY in place for either Obama or McCain. Then there are states that are only LEANING one direction or the other. Finally, some states are still a TOSS UP at this point.

As I was reading that I was thinking of how this relates to doctrines. There are some doctrines that are SOLIDLY believed in my mind. Other doctrines I LEAN towards. Still other doctrinal disputes I'm still very UNDECIDED. It'd be interested to create a massive list of doctrinal controversies and then place one of these terms beside it. For examples:

In terms of Soteriology, are you a calvinist or an arminian?

Arminian: (Solid)

In terms of Eschatology, are you a futurist, a historicist, a preterist, or an idealist?

Preterist (Leaning)

In terms of an intermediate state, do you believe the wicked suffer prior to judgment day or are unconscious?

(Toss Up)

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