Saturday, October 25, 2008


Pastor Appreciation Month was pretty cool this year. For starters, we had an awesome potluck dinner. It was one of my favorite church dinners of all-time. We had beef on weck (a WNY specialty) and everyone brought a salad of some sort (bean, pasta, or something creative). After the meal a bunch of people took the mic and shared their appreciation for Pastor Joe and I. I felt very appreciated and humbled. Next, there was a skit in which the roles of Pastor Joe and I were played by 2 of the teens. They did a very good job of noting some of our idiosyncrasies. Then the night ended with a special number from the 'Cast-Off Crowns' (The LBA pretended to play guitars, sing, and whatnot while "If we are the body" played in the background). I guess all I can say about that is... if THAT is the body, we're in big trouble. In any case, it was fun. I dislike being the center of attention, but they did a great job of keeping things light and yet meaningful.


Kris said...

Very cool.

Lindy said...

I miss beef on weck