Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We're down to 3. Within 48 hours, we'll have 2 winners (1 OT character and 1 of us). Your job is to vote FOR 1 character and AGAINST 1 character. I will declare the winner after the voting is closed. The remaining characters are DAVID, JOSEPH & RUTH. Vote now.

~ Killed animals as a young man
~ Killed an arrogant giant guy
~ 2nd King of Israel
~ Committed adultery & murder
~ A man after God's own heart
~ Author of many Psalms

~ Favored child
~ Fancy dresser
~ Dreamer & interpreter of dreams
~ Lived a roller-coaster life
~ Able to hide identity from family
~ Controversial political dealings

~ She's the minority candidate (gentile)
~ She's the minority candidate (female)
~ Actually liked her mother-in-law
~ Willing to work in the fields
~ Willing to take risk in romance
~ Made it into Jesus' genealogy


The Archives said...

I feel bad voting against someone. But, I vote FOR RUTH and AGAINST DAVID..hey, he had someone killed :/

The AJ Thomas said...

For Joseph, against Ruth

Dena said...

I vote for David, against Joseph. But, for what it's worth, I think you all gave great performances this season!

Glo said...

I'm voting for Ruth, against.... David

Elizabeth said...

For David and against Ruth

Steph said...

roe Ruth, against David

TMNK said...

I'm going...

For Joseph
Against Ruth

Tally so far:
+1 Joseph
0 Ruth
-1 David

Very close. Still anyone's game

Jecca said...

For Ruth against Joseph

Katie said...

For David, against Joseph

TMNK said...

Tally so far:

+1 Ruth
0 David
-1 Joseph

Regan said...

For Ruth
Against David

TMNK said...

Tally so far:

+2 Ruth
-1 David
-1 Joseph

The AJ Thomas said...

Boooooo Ruth!!!

TMNK said...

The feminazi vote was much stronger than I anticipated