Monday, August 18, 2008

The Dark Knight

As usual, I am late to watching & reviewing the Summer's big hit. Katie & I went to the Erie County Fair on Saturday and then decided to watch The Dark Knight on the way home. I should preface this short review by reminding you that I'm not a big superhero movie fan. Nor do I hate them. That being said, of all the superhero movies, I think Batman movies are usually a little more interesting than the others. And this film was no exception to that general rule.

I'll start with what was best: The joker. When I heard the glowing reviews of this role, I figured it was partly sympathetic in that Ledger had since died. But I was wrong. He was brilliant in this role. I found the Joker character to be the perfect bad-guy (so to speak). A lot of his lines were hauntingly funny and the acting was superb. The overall message of the movie was fairly decent. Though the world sometimes seems chaotic, there is some order in it, not to mention some good people (who are willing to have their good deeds go unmentioned). There were also some interesting themes regarding the truth and whether the public should be informed of it.

On the negative end, it felt like the movie-makers had too many good ideas thrown together at the end. It was somewhat hard to follow. It almost felt like 2 movies combined. There were a couple of minor storylines that I didn't care about in the least.

Rating: 7.0
Status: Must See

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Jecca said...

Heath did an excellent job. I really enjoyed this movie.

(In reference to your confusion, I saw it twice and understood a lot more the second time.)