Thursday, August 14, 2008


This week my SS class will be talking about angels. Here is a list of questions I will use as conversation starters. What other angel related questions come to mind?

1. Who created the angels?
2. Why did God create them?
3. When were angels created?
4. How many angels are there?
5. What are angels like?
6. Do angels have free will?
7. What do angels do?
8. Where do angels live?
9. Who is the ‘angel of the Lord’?
10. Who are some notable angels?
11. How involved are they in our lives?
12. Do we each have a guardian angel?
13. Do we become angels when we die?
14. Can angels become human if they wish?


The AJ Thomas said...

One question I have always had is why do people care so much about angels. It's mystery for me. it's like having a chance to have a relationship with Batman but instead settling for discussing Alfred.

TMNK said...

Hmmm. I guess I haven't met too many people who talk or care about angels much (though I'm sure many such people exist). If anything, I'd have to say that in my circles they aren't talked about enough considering how regular their role in our lives probably is.