Friday, July 18, 2008

Steve Gregg

In a few hours I am going to the airport to pick up my favorite Bible-teacher: Steve Gregg. I first heard of Steve while listening to the Bible Answer Man radio program. Steve was a guest discussing his book 'Revelation: 4 Views.' I was growing weary of BAM's long and numerous commercials and so I started listening to Steve's own Bible Q&A show 'The Narrow Path.' It's a great show! No commercials. No cliche answers. In fact, he'll talk for nearly the whole hour with 1 caller if the conversation is interesting enough. I'm looking forward to meeting Steve.

Friday: Camp-out at the church
Saturday: Men's morning
Sunday: Steve preaching

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Tammy Craig <>< said...

Lol...I am having a mental flashback of college, late nights, Hank Hanagraff, and AIM. Those were fun.

This guy sounds pretty cool. Glad you're getting the opportunity to meet and hear him speak.

Have a great time!