Wednesday, July 09, 2008

OT Idol #14

Voted Out Last Week

Group B is down to 8 contestants. Now it's time to find out who will make it to the top 12 (groups A & B will be combined).. First, in light of recent discussions about alcohol in Wesleyan circles, vote AGAINST the character Who you think would be the most likely to get drunk if living today. Second, since I've been doing recreation at VBS, vote against the biggest cry-baby! Yep, vote against the WINO and the WHINER.

Group B

Remember the TWIST, I have 1 remaining OT Idol character. I will try to MANIPULATE victory for them via my categories and word choices. If one of my characters wins, you are all losers. If not, the people/person who voted AGAINST the winning character the least amount of times are/is the winner. (NOT VOTING any given week will count as a vote against the winner, so you'll have to vote a lot to win)


glo said...

okay is this serious? I think Noah would be the most likely to get drunk... cause he kinda did. and i think Samson would be the biggest cry baby

Dena said...

Well, there are a few good candidates for whino, and I agree with Gloria, but I'm gonna go for Gomer. Generally speaking, prostitutes don't have the most righteous lifestyles. And for Whiner, I'll also go with Samson.

Whino: Gomer
Whiner: Samson

Katie said...

I refuse to vote because I don't like the new look of your profile

Regan said...

Most Likely to get Drunk: Samson. I realize that Noah did in the past, but Samson seems more likely to do it if he were here today, because he just seems like a party kind of guy.

Most Likely to Whine: Mr. I-Wish-I'd-Never-Been-Born Job.

Jecca said...

wino: samson
whiner: job

Jecca said...

ps: this look isn't working for me either.

The Matthew Never Knew said...

Over the next few days I will be trying to make my blog look like it did before, or close to it :)

I vote Noah & Job

Current totals:

2 Noah
4 Samson
1 Gomer
3 Job

Dena said...

I agree about the look of the blog-what happened? Why did it change and what made you decide to change it back?

The Matthew Never Knew said...

I just decided to finally switch to the new blogger (I am many months late). I hadn't switched before b/c my template was custom made (by me, via trial and error).

The new blogger is much easier to edit (most of you have it and know this already). I decided that instead of changing my HTML everytime i wanted to make a change, I'd cave and get the new blogger.

The downside is, the customizations don't come with it. So over the next few days I'll be re-customizing stuff, attempting to maximize the pros of the new blogger while re-instating the pros of my customizations

Hope that helps explain

tinajoybecker said...

Whino: Samson
Whiner: Job

And since people are ragging on your new look, I am going to be positive. Good job on trying something new! Change is good!