Wednesday, June 11, 2008

OT Idol #22

23 EZEKIEL (one of mine!)

This week we'll be voting 2 hopefuls out of GROUP B. First, in light of the upcoming Father's Day, name the character who made (or would have made) the worst parent. Second, name the character whose story would make the worst Hollywood Movie.

Group B

Remember the TWIST, I have picked 1 remaining OT Idol character. I will try to MANIPULATE victory for them via my categories and word choices. If one of my characters wins, you are all losers. If not, the people/person who voted AGAINST the winning character the least amount of times are/is the winner (NOT VOTING any given week will count as a vote against the winner, so you'll have to vote a lot to win)


Sarah Gomez said...

Worst parent: Samson (gives in too easy)

worst Hollywood movie: Jeremiah

matthew said...

Worst Parent: Gomer (set a very bad example!)

Worst Movie: Jeremiah

glo said...

I'd have to agree, the worst hollywood movie would be jeremiah.

the worst parent, Probably Samson

tinajoybecker said...

worst parent: even though jael is awesome, don't know how great her parenting skills would be.

seems like a consensus, worst movie: jeremiah

matthew said...

So far...

4 Jeremiah
2 Samson
1 Gomer
1 Jael

regan said...

Although Gomer and Samson probably would have made bad parents, we have no proof that they actually did, so this vote goes to Samuel, who had really rotten sons.

Jeremiah's story would probably make the worst Hollywood movie.

Dancin' said...

Worst Parent: Solomon (had to many wives & children to actually give them the necessary care)
Worst Movie: Jael (she put a tent peg through a guy's head...big deal?!

Jecca said...

worst parent: jael

worst movie: jeremiah

Katie said...

worst movie: Jeremiah

Worst parent: Job (See Job 1:19)

matthew said...

So far...

7 Jeremiah
3 Jael
2 Samson
1 Gomer
1 Samuel
1 Solomon
1 Job

Dena said...

Is it too late? I'm gonna side with you, Matthew, and go with Jeremiah and Gomer. Please count me in. I hope you are not secretly voting against the person you picked in hopes of throwing us off. Although technically you would win and lose at the same time...

matthew said...

Final Tally...

8 Jeremiah
3 Jael
2 Samson
2 Gomer
1 Samuel
1 Solomon
1 Job

And Dena, voting against my character is certainly an option I may have already, or may yet, utilize if I were to find the strategy useful :)