Thursday, June 12, 2008

The AC Question

Should you buy an air conditioner?

#1 Scenario (best case)
You decide to NOT buy one and tough it out. And it turns out the there are only a few hot days. You didn't buy and you didn't need to.

#2 Scenario
You decide TO buy and the Summer is long and hot. You did buy, and it's a very good thing you did! You feel smart

#3 Scenario
You decide TO buy, but you end up not really needing it. You regret your purchase, but at least you have it for next Summer.

#4 Scenario (worst case)
You decide to NOT buy one, but it's the hottest Summer ever. You daily regret your decision, but continue to not buy one b/c you figure Summer will end soon. And you'll prolly do the same thing next year.


Anonymous said...

Buy AC. My parents got central air. We were very thankful.

You know every year it gets humid.

Bryan said...

Being an "over insulated" person I find a/c is a plus. I don't ever run it during the day. I just can not sleep when it is over 80 degrees. I bought mine at walmart for 98.88. It is 9000 btu which turns my 120 square foot room (12 X10) into a meat freezer in five minutes. Once i jump start the cooling like that i set it to 70 degrees on energy saver and it barly kicks on over night. The best part is it came with a remote so i don't even have to get out of bed to shut it off or adjust it.

regan said...

If you lived in Arkansas, you would not even be asking this question. That is all I have to say.

Dena said...

Hmmm, are we talking central air, as Heather's comment would suggest, or a room unit as per Bryan?

Jecca said...

as i sit here soaked in the summer heat, i am thinking that buying one is a good idea, though it's 5-10 degrees (by my unofficial estimation) cooler on the lake than in the city.

Katie said...

central air is the best choice, but the question came up over a wall unit. My second-floor apartment can get a little toasty on those humid days. :-)

Lindy said...

I grew up about 30 seconds from you without central air. Western NY dosen't really get that hot most of the time. My parents have a window unit in one room which they turn on about 5 times a year. When it gets really hot we all hole up in there and wait it out.

I don't think central air would be worth it for you- but a wall unit is pretty inexpensive and lasts a long time- so I don't think that you would feel like your wasting your money by not using it that regularly.

Coady said...

Sounds like Pascal's Wager.