Monday, February 25, 2008

Why Vote For...

Recently, I had the chance to ask the remaining 5 candidates to communicate in 50 words or less why I should vote for them come November.

John McCain
We're at war. We've been at war. We'll be at war. I know war. I was for war earliest. I was for war in the best way. Nobody has more experience staying at war. The democrats are pretty great except for their position on the war, so vote for me. (word count: 50)

Mike Huckabee
Telling a former baptist minister to do anything in 50 words or less is like telling Paula Abdul to say something rude to an American Idol contestant. But let me try. First, I want to thank The Matthew Never Knew for allowing me the chance to participate in this discussion. (word count: 50)

Ron Paul
America's at a crossroads and the turn to take is (At this point I had to stop Ron at 10 words. I was told by the media that this guy is only allowed 20% the talking time as the others).

Hillary Clinton
America wants change. But just because the last 3 Presidents have been Bush, Clinton & Bush doesn't mean we need to change names. It's Washington that is broken and I am by far the best broken piece for the job. Would you please tell your readers I'm crying at this point? (word count: 50)

Barack Obama
(Hands Hillary a handkerchief). I'm the true candidate for change. I'm the candidate for the future. I'm the candidate for hope. If you want hope that the future will change, vote for me. There is no hope to change the past, but there is plenty of hope to change the future. Change. Future. Hope. (word count: 50)


Kelly said...

HA! Well done. :)

Aaron Perry said...

Yeah, I liked it too.

Dena said...

I love it!! Kinda leaves us with a conundrum (to go Gavel on you) doesn't it?

Elizabeth said...

Very funny!

Elliott said...

All aboard the Obama train.

I Lost You At Hello!!! said...

Go McCain I still love your french fries

Josephine said...

Go Obama, I'll vote for you and so will my momma.

Clever post Matthew.