Friday, February 01, 2008

Matt Stats

I mentioned previously that I have started a private blog which keeps track of my life. It's not a 'diary' b/c those are for girls. It's not a 'journal' b/c I've stated that I'm opposed to journaling. It's simply "Matt's Stats." And here are some stats from January

Miles Driven: 1,091

Money Spent: $1,857
--Taxes ($1160)
--Bills ($377)
--Gas ($190)
--Food ($61)
--Entertainment ($58)
--Snow Camp Stuff ($11)

Movies Watched: 7
--Back to the Future 1
--Mr. Woodcock
--Robin Hood
--Spiderman 3
--Spiderman 2
--Picture Perfect

Hours of Sleep: 210
--6.8 per day
--3:09 average fall asleep time


Jecca said...

wow. that is impressive.

Elizabeth said...

Does this mean that you are sleeping through the night at normal hours?

And I think you've rubbed off of me. I am keeping lists of what I've read, which are fiction, which are non, and how many movies I've seen and a few other things like that.

matthew said...

i just added a stat that my average fall asleep time was 3:09am. I did pretty well except for 1 night where i couldn't fall asleep till 7am.

The AJ Thomas said...

Hey Matt - have you ever tried taking Melatonin to help you sleep. I use it on occasion and it's good stuff. It's not a "drug" per se. As in some sort of heavy duty deal that will knock you out or prevent you from operating heavy equipment (I know how much you love that). It's basically a fake of the chemical in your brain that says go to sleep. To my knowledge it's not something with a high risk of dependancy either. Anyway - thought I would throw it out there.

PS I would kill to have your bills

Bryan said...

Hah! $190 in gas. My truck is able to consume fuel at the rate of $140 per tank @ 2.5 tanks per month. Although it does have it,s own zip code.:)

Steph W said...

I am also jealous of the amount of money spent on gas.. I drive a little car, but at $45-50/tank, and having to fill up every 4-5 days.. i spent about $350 on gas last month (and average about 1000km/week)