Thursday, January 31, 2008

January Blogger Awards

By my count, 44 BBC blogs were updated in January. This continues a a downward trend I've noticed over the past year. This coincides with my own 'change of pace.' As some of you may have noticed, I have switched to a more 'every other day' posting rate. This is not set in stone, but fits with my quality over quantity philosophy. Here are some of the best BBC posts from January:

Jess's Favorite Things
Kelly's Chargrabbeemicisaac
Elizabeth R's Snow White
Liz's Resolutions
Aaron on Capitalism
Meet Nata's Family
Lindy Reviews Juno
Lola's First Post
Steph on Ministry

The Blogger of the month award,
in a fairly tight race, goes to:
Kelly T & The Misadventures of 2


Kelly said...

Hey! :) Thanks Matt!!

Mommy Rader said...

Congrats, Kelly!!!

And just for the record...I tried. *sniff* Nevertheless it stands to be recognized that Matthew, you are a slave-driver :P

matthew said...

Jess, I really liked your blog this month. You were definitely in consideration. Keep the faith, haha!

Luke said...

hey matt, just to let you know i'm actually back blogging! I'm going to start talking about some deep thoughts, about once a week, i'm curently about to post one on our perception of God. this is my reliease because anymore my God is huge and mystical and beautiful not pretensious and white coller.