Monday, February 11, 2008

Local Churches

Tonight at church we talked about why there are so many denominations and where they came from. As part of this discussion, we came up with a list of churches in a surrounding area of 12 miles by 6 miles. In terms of time, these are churches easily within 15 minutes or less of each other. We counted 28 churches.

7 United Methodist Churches
5 Independent Bible Churches
3 Lutheran Churches
3 Roman Catholic Churches
2 Pentecostal Churches
2 Baptist Churches
1 Presbyterian Church
1 Episcopalian Church
1 Wesleyan Church
1 Amish Church
1 Free Methodist Camp
1 Independent Camp


Dena said...

Wow, that's a lot! Are you sure you don't live in Arkansas or something?

Lindy said...

That's the Western NY I remember!

How many of these churches have more than 200 poeple attending? I'm courious.

bryan said...

we have an amish church around here? Is it in barker or lyndonville?

matthew said...

Dena...Yes (if you define the 'or something' as new york) :)

Lindy...I believe just 3 are over 200 (2 of the independents and the wesleyan)

Bryan...well, they don't have a church building, but the amish on county line road do have worship services on their property.