Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Eternity Series

Here is my proposed outline for my upcoming 'Eternity' series

1. The Soul: Are We Built for Eternity?
2. Intermediate State: Death to Judgment Day
3. The Eternal Torment View of Hell
4. The Universal Reconciliation View of Hell
5. The Conditional Mortality View of Hell
6. A Little Light on Heaven: Part 1
7. A Little Light on Heaven: Part 2
8. A Little Light on Heaven: Part 3

What do you guys think? Any important subject missing? Any great sources you think I should check out. I think this series will run from March through April.


Lindy said...

It seems pretty good to me. Seems like it will be a good series. I don't really know what to think on the issue, but am leading toward the conditional mortality view after some conversations with some orthodox friends who gave me some history on the subject. Apparently it was the working vision throughout the entire Old Testament.

The AJ Thomas said...

I'm always interested in the origin of the soul but I guess you could be covering that under "Built for Eternity'

Aaron Perry said...

any place you're going to talk about the growing discussion of what the 'soul' is and whether or not it exists? one source you could check is "whatever happened to the soul?" it's a collection of essays on whether or not Christian theology and biblical studies can defend its existence.

Elliott said...

Are your churches messages available as a podcast or for download? I'm always intrigued by the depth you guys seem to go.

matthew said...

Lindy...I don't consider one's views on the doctrine of hell to be essential/core beliefs, so I remain quite open to all 3 views so long as they make good arguments. Like you, I am quite impressed with the CM view.

AJ...yes, I think that will fit under week 1

AP...I think that will fit in weeks 1, 2 & 5 to some degree

Elliott...Actually no, because the nature of my teachings are interactive, recordings don't work very well. Plus I hate microphones. But a pretty good summary of what we talk about is always available on my kingdom blog.

Dena said...

Sounds quite interesting I was also going to ask if you would email me your notes/manuscript. But I am more excited that your sermons are interactive! I wish all Sunday services were that way-it's just my style, I guess.

Coady said...

What about 'free will': Would one be a servant, or a son, or is there a difference? Would one be liberated completely from desire to sin? Would one have a spiritual body, a fleshly body, or be totally incorporeal?

I love your writing Matt!

I'd love to see a video blog sometime..

matthew said...

Dena...Yeah, I only raring get to preach sunday morning, but even then i try to make it more interactive. Sunday nights, though, is my baby. The hour goes super fast when we have good dialogue.

Coady...yep, good questions and those will be addressed in the final 3 weeks. As to video blogs, i am very interested in making more photostory type posts (not so much video though)

Aaron Perry said...

matt, i thought of a scene from Lewis' "The Silver Chair." It's right near the end and has a King who just died, Caspian, growing younger and younger. He asks if it is wrong to see the world that Jill and Eustace come from. Aslan says, "It's impossible to desire wrong things here." Great line.