Monday, November 19, 2007

Worse than Sin

Sometimes being imperfect feels worse than sin. As Wesleyans, we usually define sin as a voluntary transgression of a known law of God. Sin is done on purpose, but, at least, those purposes can be repented of and addressed. Imperfection is a different animal. Making a decision based on faulty information isn't a 'sin,' but it can create havoc. Forgetting something important isn't a sin, but it can be disastrous. Sometimes I wish all my negative actions and in-actions were 'sins' instead of 'imperfections' just so I could get them dealt with through typical repentance! I suppose the fact that we are ignorant & forgetful of many things keeps us humble, but other than that, such realities just stink.


Robin said...

The other problem is that sometimes we get the 2 confused, don't we?

The AJ Thomas said...

If we get them confused isn't that just a result of our imperfection and therefore excused?

On an unrealted note Matt:
Brewer is back up and blogging at:

And Shawna Rogers (was Perry) has one at:

matthew said...

Yeah, I think some people treat their imperfections as sins and feel guilty instead of humble. And other people treat their sins as imperfections and feel content instead of convicted.

Thanks for the links AJ :)