Friday, November 30, 2007

November Blogger Awards

By my records, almost 50 BBC blogs were updated in November. Here are some of the posts that packed the most punch:

Josh M on church signs
Dave L on DOA
Kirk's Christmas Gift
Elizabeth R's Aspirations
Dena I on Rock the Vote
Heather D on Insta-Worship
Elizabeth S's Cereal-Bowl
AJ Needs a Hobby
Jess R's Promised Montage

There was a good 4-way race, this month, for BBC Blogger of the Month. But the race was won by Kelly T and the Mis-Adventures of 2! Remember, next month will have a December winner AND a 2007 winner. Good luck at finding my good graces.

January: Elizabeth S
February: Kirk P
March: Kirk P
April: Elizabeth S
May: Steph P
June: Julie M
July: Mark B
August: AJ T
September: Elizabeth S
October: Kirk P
November: Kelly T


Elizabeth said...

Yay for Kelly.

Matthew, you've made a good pick. I really enjoy Kelly's blog too.

Kelly said...

YAY! Thanks, Matt! :)