Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Top 10 Sports

I love rankings. But usually I rank teams and players within a given sport. It's not often that the sports themselves are ranked. Here's my list of favorite sports leagues:

1. NHL (hockey)
Lots of games, great playoffs
2. NFL (football)
Every game is important
3. NCAA (basketball)
Nothing like the NCAA Tourny
4. NCAA (football)
Anybody can beat anybody
5. MLB (baseball)
Lots of games, stats & matchups
6. NBA (basketball)
Fun stars, but bad basketball
7. Women's Tennis
Good back & forth action
8. Nascar (racing)
Wait for it...
9. Men's Tennis
Usually dominated by 1 or 2
10. Men's Golf
Nice and relaxing to watch

How bout your top 5? Top 10? Did I forget anything awesome?


The AJ Thomas said...

My top 3
-MMA = People beating each other up
-Sumo = Big people beating each other up
-Pro Wrestling = People pretening to beat each other up

Anonymous said...

Phils Top Five
1)Racing(but not NASCAR!!)
2)NCAA basketball
3)NBA basketball
5)NCAA football

Anonymous said...

Oh and i forgot MLB thats third!!

matthew said...

thanks Phil. I'm glad Newfane Central doesn't keep you from posting on my blog during the day :)