Saturday, September 15, 2007

Middle East

I'm currently teaching a series about the Middle East. Specifically, my series focuses on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. The series is entitled 'This Land is My Land' and I've been learning a lot in my preparatory reading which includes Brother Andrews's book 'Light Force,' Colin Chapman's book 'Whose Promised Land?' Norman Geisler's book 'Answering Islam,' Timothy Weber's book 'On the Road to Armageddon' and online resources like this. Wikipedia is also very helpful in terms of getting an overview of all the various Islamic organizations. The series (which will end up being about 6 hours in lecture format) outline goes like this:

Part 1: Middle-East Overview (geography & Islam)
Part 2: This Land is My Land, Israeli Perspective
Part 3: This Land is My Land, Palestinian Perspective
Part 4: This Land is My Land, Dispensational Perspective
Part 5: This Land is My Land, A Christian Response

Right now I'm on part 3, but I think, once the series is over, I'll be turning it into a 5 day blog series in order to share some of my thoughts on this significant world issue.

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daniel said...

A Prayer for the Holy Land:

Abba, Father! You hear the cries of Your children and You love each of them so much. Lord Jesus, You are the Prince of Peace; Your government and peace will have no end. We appeal to You for peace and wholeness in the land where You walked as a man. We lift up our brothers and sisters in that land to You--Arab and Israeli alike. Make Your Church a clear sign that You Yourself are our peace and have broken down every wall. Please generously give to Your Church in Israel and Palestine great heroes of the faith who will show the world what it means to "love your enemies and pray for those who hurt you." Let them be one, Father. Fill them with love and hope and faith and joy and peace and perseverance by the power of Your Holy Spirit. Amen.

Come, Lord Jesus!