Friday, September 14, 2007

A Crying Shame

I'm not a crier. Sure, sometimes I wake up on my side and a single tear drops on my pillow, but that's just gravity having its way. And it's true that sometimes I have to do that hold-your-breath thing to prevent myself from crying, but even that is a rare occasion. The fact that I'm not a crier as a rule makes the following 2 exceptions all the more blog-worthy.

The 1 Movie that Makes me Cry
I've cried at a few movies through the years, but there is only 1 movie that I cry at every single time I watch it. In fact, I've seen it a hand full of times in my life and I can't even stop myself from crying. I tried really hard last time. My men's group watched it. It took all my energies to not cry during men's group. But as soon as I got in the car, I balled the entire ride home. It was a pitiful display provoked by Mr. Holland's Opus.

The 1 TV Show that Made me Cry
This one is surprising. It's nearly impossible for a TV Show to make me cry because I tend to only watch comedies. I only remember crying at 1 show in my entire life. I was home alone. It was a series finale. I don't know what happened or what was going on in my life at that time, but I just cried my eyes out. Sadly enough, the tears were provoked by the final episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!

What movie can make you cry? What's the strangest movie/show that has produced tears in your eyes?


Elizabeth said...

I tear up easily enough; serious cries are a little more rare. Books tend to bring on the tears, then life, but I can only think of three movies that I've bawled over, Anne of Green Gables (when Matthew dies), Armageddon, and the last is a movie I watched this week, A Wedding for Bella.

Sarah Gomez said...

Jeremiah makes fun of me because I *love* to movie cry.

If someone else cries, the general rule is that I cry too. Most times. So I won't make a really long list.

I also love to book cry. That might be even better.

Jadon & Amberly's Mommy said...

Right now? EVERYTHING makes me cry...literally. The strangest thing I ever cried at was actually a TV commercial (loooong before my pregnancy days...I was still in high school!). And it's STILL SO SAD! It was this commercial where this family dog finds it's little boy owner sitting in the living room watching TV. The dog nudges the boy, but the boy keeps watching TV. The dog goes and gets a toy and drops it at the boy's feet. No response. The dog goes to the door and holds his leash in his mouth and barks. No response from the boy. The dog throws his ball at the boy. Again, the boy keeps watching TV. The next scene is the dog at the door, suitcase in his mouth, giving one last look at the boy as if to say, "Please???????" Then the dog leaves. I don't remember the was something educational ("turn off the TV" or something like that)...but I started laughing to hide the tears, but OH MY GOODNESS! The tears came for a LONG time after that!!

Regan said...

The weirdest movie that always makes me cry is "Ernest Goes to Camp." I always cry during the scene where Ernest is singing about how he let everybody down. It really is sad! The other "Ernest" movies are garbage, but that particular one is worth watching.

I do tend to cry through movies and books often. Like Sarah, I won't list them all. :-)

Lindy said...

Matthew- I love that you cry to Mr. Holland's Opus! I generally cry with the drumer gets killed in Vietnam, and at the end. It's the only movie I conistantly cry to either- I figure it's because I'm a music teacher.

I'm ashamed at the amount of times I've cried at extreme home makeover. I thought I had finally toughened myself up to that show- and then they had the family meet the recipiant of their father's heart! I was a gonner. Something about organ donation always makes me cry- I cried in Return to Me as well.

Dena said...

The first movie I ever cried at was Old Yeller. I was young, like jr. high. The next movie that got me was Steel Magnolias. Ell said the first movie for him was My Girl.

I also have a commercial that used to always get me teary. It was years ago and AT&T was advertising conference calling. It's New Year's Eve and all these family members from all over the country get on the phone and make a call. Then you see this old man in a bar in Ireland. His buddy comes in and tells him he has a call on the pay phone outside. He shuffles, through the snow mind you, out to the phone where his whole family sings Auld Lang Syne, and he tears up to be "with" his family at the holidays. It would probaby still get me if they still aired it.

jessica said...

i cry at a lot of movies, but mr. holland's opus is the only one that makes me cry EVERY time.

I Lost You At Hello!!! said...

Old Yeller makes me laugh. Many movies bring tears to my eyes. The most recent one was Click. There are two parts and all you guys out there that have admitted to me you cried in this movie know which two I'm talking about.