Thursday, August 09, 2007

Introduction (F.K.D.H.)

Thanks for clicking your way to this online book. Some people never get passed the title. "My friend's won't touch it," one ascetic told me. "They hear the title and say, 'There's no way I would ever do that.'" One guy, from Wesleyan Publishing House, urged me to change the title. "People will be too embarrassed to buy that in a bookstore," he said. He's probably right, but since I French Kissed Dating Hello is only available online anyways, I don't see that as a problem!

I decided on this title because I want to be up front with you--there are some radical ideas on these web-pages. Most Christians books about dating are, well, against dating, even the one's that claim to be unique*. But these posts tell you how to live life and take romantic risks--even if that means you'll fall flat on your face from time to time.

So let me make a simple request. Just finish this paragraph. If nothing grabs you, that's fine. But I think you'll discover that something in this online book is really worth a second click. Sex. George W. Bush. Free iPod. Purple monkey dishwasher.

Still here? Great! Intrigued? I knew you would be! Join me in this journey as we realize how much better I am than other Christians in regards to this topic. You may disagree with me along the way, but that is only because your wrong!

In Part 1, I'll be transparent. I'll let you know my own 'dating' history, but only kind of. In Part 2, I'll discuss online dating. The way I figure it, if you're reading this online book you probably don't have a great shot of dating in real life, so I'll help you learn how to find the love of your life online. I wrote Part 3 because I know from experience that Part 2 gets really old after a while. So I'll let you in on the true secret to find a spouse. Enjoy!

* for example, I kissed dating goodbye by Joshua Harris

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