Sunday, July 01, 2007

Worst NHL UFA's

UFA Day is when we find out what NHL GM's are desperate. We find out who's willing to sacrifice the future just to make a loud splash. Here are the 5 dumbest UFA deals of the day:

#5 Tom Poti (Washington Capitals)
It's true that Poti had a pretty decent season last year, but he's still just a decently skilled d-man who makes too many mistakes in his own end. To hand him a 4 year contract for $14 million seems absurd, especially for a team that won't make the playoffs anyways.

#4 Daniel Briere (Philadelphia Flyers)
Briere is a very good player, no doubt. The amount the Flyers gave him per year ($6.5) is fine. But why in the world would you give anyone an 8 year contract? And to make matters worse, they gave him a no movement clause. In other words, at any point he can retire 'on ice' and keep raking it in.

#3 Paul Kariya (St. Louis Blues)
I'll admit, I haven't seen a ton of Kariya lately. From what I have seen, though, he's simply not the player he used to be. I was shocked that he got this much money. I was thinking, at the very most, he was a $5 million dollar player. But they gave him 3 years @ $6.

#2 Scott Gomez (NY Rangers)
As I said, the Rangers will be among the favorites to win the cup this year and I suppose that is what it's all about. But gosh, 7 years of Gomez at over $7/year could get old really quick. He'll be making more than Joe Thorton and he's nowhere near the player.

#1 Cory Sarich (Calgary Flames)
The absolute dumbest move of the day goes to Calgary. Cory Sarich is a decent player. A 'decent' player. He's not special. He's decent. An $18 million, 5 year contract is an awful lot of money for a 'decent' d-man.

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