Monday, July 02, 2007

Best NHL UFA's

On a sad sad day for Sabre fans (we lost our 2 co-captains), I thought I'd compliment the 3 best free agent signings of the day.

#3 Yanic Perrault (Chicago Blackhawks)
Yanic is a great faceoff man and has enough offensive upside to make up for his lack of physicality and defense. At a mere $1.5 million dollars, I think he'll be a great addition to the Blackhawks as they try to improve big time this coming season.

#2 Chris Drury (NY Rangers)
Sure, over $7 million per season to a 60 point man is a chunk of change, but Drury offers so many intangibles that I think this was a wise move. Drury makes the Rangers one of the favorites to win the cup in 2008.

#1 Ryan Smyth (Colorado Avalanche)
I figured Smyth would get a little more than he got. It seems Joe Sakic worked over-time to convince Ryan to join him in the rockies. Smyth has always been one of my favorite players and I'd be shocked if the Avs didn't find their way back to the playoffs with his assistance.

Of course, UFA Day is more about stupidity than bargain hunting. Below are the 5 worst signings.


Dancin' said...

It's interesting that you've listed Smythe's 5 year contract at over 6 million a year as the top acquisition. Seeing as most people thought Smythe was being too greedy asking for 5.5 million a year back in March; stating he's not worth it. Apparently, there are a few GMs that disagree with the majority, and personally I think the GMs are right.

matthew said...

I'd agree that 6 is too much in the sense of actual worth, but based on the market I think it's a good deal. He got less cash than Gomez, Drury & Briere. He got less years than Gomez and Briere. There's no 'no movement' clause like Briere got. I would have been glad to take Smyth or Drury at those numbers, but scared to take Briere or Gomez with the numbers they got.