Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tricky Business

I don't pretend to know how girls think. I know FOR SURE how they think. They think exactly like guys. Both guys and girls, in general, want to date someone on the very edge of being out of their league. A guy wants a girl that his friends will be surprised he got. A guy will work extremely hard to trick a girl into thinking he's a higher ranking guy than he actually is. But girls aren't usually dumb. They know the guy is a loser. So why does his pursuit work anyways? Because girls just love being pursued. They'll seemingly lower their standards if the pursuit is impressive enough (either in quality or duration). I say 'seemingly' because that's only how it looks from the male perspective. From the female perspective the pursuit actually raises the rank of the guy. He transforms into a winner because he pursues. The girl agrees to date the guy when his pursuit has moved him beyond her rank (in the order of girls) and to the brink of leaving her league completely.

And thus my title. Dating is a tricky business. The guy is trying to trick some girl that's out of his league to date him. If the guy is any good at pursuing, the girl re-ranks him as higher than he actually is and then tries to trick him into asking her out. A happy dating relationship is simply one in which both parties think they have the other fooled. An un-happy dating relationship is simply when one or both parties begins to feel that they could do better.

I don't recommend this system (as you'll see in the next and final chapter), but this is how the world of dating works.

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