Thursday, July 05, 2007

New World Record!

Joey Chesnutt is America's latest hero. In the annual 4th of July hot dog eating contest, he defeated 6 time champion Takeru Kobayashi and broke the world record in the process. Chesnutt downed 66 hot dogs in 12 minutes to defeat the Japanese legend who ate only 63 hot dogs. If we're keeping score, I once had 3 hot dogs in that time span. Click HERE for video!


Jon and Renae said...

Matt, where do you find this stuff. And being the technilogical guru that you are, can you tell me how to find out easily if other blogs have been updated? thanks.

matthew said...

Hey :)

the Hot Dog contest was on ESPN. I didn't watch it live, but heard about it on the radio later in the day.

As far as knowing when blogs are updated, there are services like 'blogroller' and 'bloglinx' that put ***'s or whatnot next to updated blogs. UNFORTUNATELY they are very unreliable and I end up doing some of it manually.