Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Prestige

My mom accidentally threw out our 2 Netflix movies and then called me to look through the dumpster to find them. I found the envelopes soaked in wet garbage (I should charge her $100 for such a service I think). Hoping the DVD's weren't damaged, I put 'The Prestige' in tonight once I got in bed. I was very impressed. The character development was thorough and the storyline kept me guessing. A lot of mystery throughout. This is the sort of movie I'll want to see again. Not bad at all, especially for a film that started the day in the dumpster.

Rating: 8.2


Sarah Gomez said...

That was a movie that Jer and I have looked at renting a few times. But it was in the midst of a whole lot of rented bad movies... We didn't do so hot at picking movies there for awhile.. one reason or another, they all sucked. So we stopped getting ones we hadn't heard of.

Now that this one has been recommended, maybe we'll give it a shot on one of these oh so many nights before we move (13!)

swITCHFUTgUY said...

that was a great movie...everyone should see it

Nata said...

Paul and I really enjoyed this movie :)

Jecca said...

I LOVE this movie.

Calvin McLearn said...

Mia and I actually bought this movie, never having seen it before. I must say I was super impressed with the whole thing, and the twists and turns every few minutes in the storyline.

I was even moreso impressed that my wife, who normally doesn't like these typ[es of movies, was right into it the whole way.