Friday, June 22, 2007

Moral Dilemna

A couple weeks ago in church a cell phone went off during the sermon. This is, of course, not unusual and I barely remembered the event a few days later when my mom brought it up. "Did you hear that cell phone go off during the service on Sunday?" she asked with a smile before continuing, "It was the tune from 'Sex in the City.'" I knew who's cell phone had gone off. And I had serious doubts that said person would have said tune as their ring tone. So I made a friendly bet that my mom was wrong. Through an investigative friend, however, I found out that my mom was right indeed. And so here is the moral dilemna...Should I:

A) Keep my word and give my mom the wagered money, making me a gambling hypocrite (but a good son)
B) Keep God's money and not tell my mom that I found out, making myself a lying hypocrite (but a good steward)

Of course, my mom will probably read this and she probably won't even make me pay since we were just joking around (right mom!?!?). But, just for the fun of it, what does the majority rule that I should do?


Dancin' said...

I'm sure u're well aware of The Wesleyan Church's stance on gambling as stated in The Discipline. Consequently, I'm sure u're also well aware of the fact that according to The Discipline u are now subject to discipline by the denomination, which could possible result in the surrendering of ur credentials.
So I won't remind you of that, but put my vote in for u 2 cease in ur sin and honor ur word by pay ur mother the money u owe her. As a good steward pays his debts...even to his mother.

Kelly said...

Keep your word, give your mom the money. :)

K-dog said...

pay your mom you cheapo! :)

The AJ Thomas said...

Pay you mom - it's only the discipline. We break our commitments all the time. Honestly - read it. I never have family alter and haven't done prision ministry in years.

If you need a comprimise than take your mom out for ice cream (or lobster, depending on how much you bet) and enjoy some time together.

Or look at it like this - it's not bad stweardship because your mom is a good person and will use the money wisely therefore it's more of a transfer of stewardship.

Either way you are a miserable, lying, spineless, cheat who's work is worthless is you don't pay up. Even if she says she doesen't want it give it to her. If she won't take it tell her she has to but she can use it to take you out for ice cream later.

The AJ Thomas said...

PS I think it's great that your mom instantly recognized the tune from "Sex and the City". That being the case I'm sure she woulden't have an issue with your gambling either.

Lindy said...

Dan Pussey had the Sex in the City ringtone on his phone by accident a few yeras back. He was so amused that he kept it on even when I told him what it was.

I life AJ's suggestion about taking your Mom out. If you are even thinking about the discipline in this case (which I wouldn't) then avioding the hypocryte label entirely is a good thing.

Regan said...

Hey, what happened to Funny Friday?

Is it God's money because you were going to use it for God's work, or is it God's money because you don't want to give it to your mom? Because the way I look at it, you're already a gambler, having made the wager, so you might as well give it to your mom to save yourself from being a liar too. :)

matthew said...

oh fine!

i keep forgetting to do funny friday. Numerous people have reminded me of my forgetfulness so i will try next week for sure :)

And I agree with Regan, my 'moral dilemna' is really the choice b/w being a gambler or being a gambler AND liar :)

Jecca said...

I agree with the majority. Definitely pay her. :)

And yeah, funny fridays....