Monday, June 11, 2007

Office Quotes

Well, the first 24 hours of my partial internet fast have passed. Few things I noticed. I ate more. I called people via telephone. I played X-box with my brother. But enough about that. Now that Gilmore Girls is over (though there is talk of a tv-movie finale), I have to find a replacement show for my tv-type blog posts this Autumn. I think I'll pick 'the office.' Instead of 'survivor,' it'll be my favorite quote from that night's episode (and commenter's can post their favorite quotes). I am quite certain that 'the office' is the best show on television. It is 1 of only 3 shows I now watch (the office, lost, american idol). What are your favorite 3 shows?


Jo said...

1. Criminal Minds
2. The Iron Chef
3. ? There is nothing else worth watching right now.

Robin said...

LOST is the reason tv was invented.

I also like Heroes (cuz I'm a geek) and the Office (though I wish they'd drop the soap-opera-esque plotlines and just be funny).

Scott said...

1.Deadliest Catch
3.American Chopper

Nata said...

1. Greys
2. CSI (original)
3. So You Think You Can Dance

(Yes, I am embarrassed about #3. And kind of embarrassed about #2, because I only watch it for the romance)

Jecca said...
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Jecca said...

1. The Office
2. House
3. Numb3rs