Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Me Last Year(s)

One thing I like to do for fun (I'm easily amused) is look at my own blog archives (also, very self-centered). Specifically, and now that I've been blogging every day for almost 3 years, I like to look back at what I was blogging about exactly a year or two ago. Today's was sort of interesting. On this day in 2005 I was blogging about the 'end of the world.' And exactly a year ago I posted what I thought might have been 'my last post' as I prepared for my first long bike trip in a long while.

Figuring out the connection and meaning of same-date blog posts could be a whole new field of study. I'll call it 'archivology.' June 20th obviously has some apocalyptic significance. Perhaps something significant & life altering will occur in the next 24 hours (ie, the 2nd Coming or World War 3 or the end of my singleness)


Jecca said...

looking back on your "last post" post, how do you feel in comparison a year later? (we're glad you're still alive, by the way)

matthew said...

oh much better! the combo of basketball and biking has really made a difference. Last week I played basketball for 2 and a half hours without feeling exhausted.

Jecca said...

That's definitely a great leap forward! Good job!!!