Monday, April 09, 2007


Besides resurrection celebration, it really hasn't been a good last little while. My taxes were about $1500 more than expected, I've been sick, and now the LCD screen on my laptop has died. I'm currently using my television as a monitor. Now I have to decide whether to buy a whole new laptop or just try to replace the screen. I hope this week isn't an indicator of how my trip is going to go. The trip, by the way, starts early tomorrow morning. I will be travelling to the following places in the following order: Buffalo, Boston, Bangor, BBC, Kentville, Digby, Bucksport, Portland Limerick, Portland, Boston, Buffalo, Barker. Blogging may be sporadic during my trip, especially since I won't have my laptop.

Now for the good news amidst the most annoying week of the decade: I won the BBC Fantasy Hockey League, beating Graham Perry in the championship round and I'm in the championship round, this week, for the BBC Fantasy Basketball League where I'll be taking on Graham once again.


Charity said...

I hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable trip :) Have fun :)

Sarah Gomez said...

AH - sounds like a great trip! Enjoy!!

Sarah Gomez said...

yikes! not sure if you noticed and would fix it when you finished the list, but my link on the ABC BBC list is to my spaces blog... which is two blogs behind ;) no hurries cause I know you're leaving soon, but fixing it would make my day!!!

Jecca said...

i hope your trip goes a Mac!

And, my link isn't even in the ABC list...:)