Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Playoff Predictions

1st Round

1 Buffalo over 8 NY Islanders in 5
4 Ottawa over 5 Pittsburgh in 7
6 NY Rangers over 3 Atlanta in 6
2 NJ Devils over 7 Tampa Bay in 6

1 Detroit over 8 Calgary in 7
4 Nashville over 5 San Jose in 7
3 Vancouver over 6 Dallas in 5
2 Anaheim over 7 Minnesota in 6

2nd Round

1 Buffalo over 6 NY Rangers in 5
4 Ottawa over 2 NJ Devils in 7

4 Nashville over 1 Detroit in 6
2 Anaheim over 3 Vancouver in 5

Conference Finals

1 Buffalo over 4 Ottawa in 6
4 Nashville over 2 Anaheim in 5

Stanley Cup

1 Buffalo over 4 Nashville in 6


Tami said...

Ottawa Should win this year! I believe!

I Lost You At Hello!!! said...
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I Lost You At Hello!!! said...

I don't hate Buffalo but I do think they are too fragile to win the cup. When the intensity goes up and the hitting gets more frequent and harder you know at least 6 of them are doomed to be put out of the playoffs. That being said, in my whole life I have never seen a playoff picture that I have less of a clue about who the winner might be. I think these 16 teams are all pretty eavenly matched and it wouldn't surprise me if any of them won the cup. Look at the east; the team with the worst record in the regular season is the Islanders but the are also the hottest team going into the playoffs. In the west Calgary limped in but they have arguably the best goalie in the playoffs. What would be an upset. I honestly don't see one. I haven't really thought it through but on a whim I'll pick the Rangers to win the cup. I'll say they'll play uhhhh Anaheim. I picked those teams at random and you you could make a good argument for it to be true. Craziness!!!

Calvin said...

i would have to say Calgary vs. San Jose for the final. both are great teams (though Calgary is better). Plus, it's another opportunity for the idiot officials in the NHL to actually see a goal and let Calgary win the cup.

Calvin said...

er... Calgary Tampa Bay. not San Jose