Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday 12:01am

I'm in Nova Scotia now. Today was fun. Aaron and I slept in and then said hi to four bbc staff that we ran into before lunch-time. Before leaving Sussex we went to its Wal-Mart and bought a couple dvd's. Then we started our trek toward Nova Scotia as we listened to Weird Al & Country music. We arrived at Elizabeth's church around 5pm. After that it seems we stopped at about 5 grocery stores, but I may be remembering wrong. We had supper and watched some sci-fi stuff before Aaron & I found a hotel. Well, Aaron thinks I'm listening to him talk, so I better go!


Anonymous said...

Hey Pastor Matt!! Sorry we missed SS on Easter, but with all that happened to Katie's Mom it was a weird Sunday. Hope your vacation is a great one!! Have fun! Looking forward to seeing you soon.
was funny this week. Looking forward to your comments and predictions!

Tammy Craig said...

Hey! Glad to hear things are going well! When you get this message, if you hadn't done it yet, CHECK YOUR E-MAIL! Need you to get ahold of me, lol. See ya Sunday!

The AJ Thomas said...

Just so you know - if you are pssing through the Halifax area and you need to pee I have two bathrooms and you would be welcome to use either one. But not both, at least not at the same time. Actually if you can use them both at the same time I'll give you $100.

Jecca said...

Glad you're keeping us updated! :)

matthew said...

Hey Donna :) thanks for commenting. The trip is going well so far. I'll be back Monday. Yeah, Sunday was a strange day. I'll watch that episode of Idol monday night prolly. See ya soon!

Tammy. Done.

AJ. Thanks so much for that offer. Perhaps I will make this trip again in O8, haha

Jessica...hey no problem, haha. It beats having to think of posting ideas while i'm travelling :)