Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday 12:02am

Hey. Thanks for the comments on previous posts. I don't really have time to respond to them right now, but I did read them. Today Aaron & I hung out at the hotel until lunch time. Then we ordered WAY too much Donair stuff. Crazy amounts. Ugh. Anyways, then we went shopping at a really awesome Nova Scotian store called Wal-Mart. Next we went to Liz's church to hang out and prepare for the evening youth event. The youth group was fun, and I don't even usually like teenagers. Then we had pizza while watching CSI. And now I'm blogging. Tomorrow the plan is to head to Digby. I should be back in Maine by about this time tomorrow. God bless.


Richards' said...

Are you going to see Mr. Tim Cook on this trip??? You should tell him to blog!

matthew said...

yes, I did see Mr. Cook yesterday. He is doing really well. I doubt he'll blog more than once a year though :)