Saturday, April 21, 2007

Teaching Stuff

We're staring a small group for 20 somethings. This will be the 5th Bible study I lead each week. Sunday morning I teach Sunday School hour. We just finished Luke and will be starting Acts in about 10 hours. Sunday night is my favorite teaching time. I just finished teaching the Case of Christ and will be starting a series on spiritual disciplines. Tuesday Night will be the small group. This week will just be introductions and stuff. Wednesday nights I lead a 30 minute Bible study. We just finished 2 Kings and will be starting a short series on Jude. Thursday night is men's group. We are in Romans. I estimate that I am currently around 31% through my goal of teaching through the Bible in 12 years with an overall goal of teaching through Scripture 3 times in my life.


Bryan said...

That is a lot of teaching! Your good at it though. so keep up the good work

matthew said...

thanks bryan :)