Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Idol #'s 8 & 7

I've missed a couple of weeks of my American Idol analysis, so I'll do them together right now before I find out who got kicked off tonight. Below I will record my "out of 10" rankings for last week, this week, and their total overall score:

Melinda 8, 9 (74)
Jordin 8, 8 (70)
Lakisha 8, 6 (67)
Phil 6, 8 (64)
Blake 8, 6 (61)
Chris 7, 6 (60)
Haley 5, na (42)
Sanjaya 5, 4 (38)


I Lost You At Hello!!! said...

Turn off your television sets America there is no point watching American Idol any more. They got rid of the best story and the only interesting part of the show. Goodbye Sanjaya. You almost made me want to watch again. (but not quite)

Kelly said...

Related to your post, I'm glad Sanjaya is gone. Unrelated to your post, are the ***'s broken, or down, or whatever you say when a website's not working?

matthew said...

you are correct kelly

and worse won't even let me give people ***'s manually!

Hopefully it will come back soon, but blogroller has been down for extended periods in the past. I am looking into other options.

Kelly said...

Oh, sad. Whatever shall I do?

Dena said...

Hey, does anybody know what happened to Laura Palmer's blog? The link from everybody's page doesn't work. Is her blog down, perhaps, or moved, or something the matter?