Saturday, December 31, 2005

Knew Awards 05

Best BBC Blog
I like a lot of BBC Blogs. I could probably make a whole post and give everyone an award for something (best design, funniest, most thought-provoking, etc), but I won't. The award for the best overall BBC blog of 2005 goes too: just your average jo. I find myself clicking on Jo's blog often b/c she is fairly consistent, thought-provoking, open, humorous & versatile. In 2006 I plan on declaring a BBC post of the month throughout the year so more of your fine blogs can be recognized

Best Book
My favorite book this year was, surprisingly, "The Complete Guide to Christian Denominations" by Ron Rhodes. I found this book strangely unifying. I had more understanding and love for the whole body of Christ after I read it. Read my brief review.

Best Movie
The best movie I saw this year was made in 2004. "Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind" is better every time I watch it. One week I think I watched it 5 times. Read my lengthier review.

Best TV Show
The TV show of the year award goes to "Lost" in a tight race with Seinfeld re-runs & Gilmore Girls. I had no interest in Lost until I was bored one night. I then watched the entire 1st season in about a week. It seems to be slowing down quite a bit, but it was just entertaining enough to take the 2005 award.

Best CD
The CD I listened to most this year was "Share the Well" by Caedmon's Call. It came out in the Fall of 2004, but I listened to it all through 2005. It's great music and a missions trip rolled into one!

Most Influential Person
The most influential person in my life this year was probably Steve Gregg of even though I've never met him. He is my favorite Bible teacher and I love his radio show.

Best Comeback
The comeback of the year belongs to the National Hockey League. Hockey is better than it has been in a long time. The year off paid off in a lot of ways. It doesn't hurt that my Sabres are 2nd in the NHL in points right now, but it's just a great year for hockey in general. I can't wait for the Olympics and the playoffs!

Best Wishes

Thus concludes the first full year of
'The Matthew Never Knew'
Best wishes to all readers for 2006


Scottie said...


thanks for the shout out a couple of posts ago... i think i should win the award for the least diligent, but wants to get better BBC poster... just a thought...

anywho check this out...

man i am turning into frank... i miss that guy...

Tammy Craig said...


Richards' said...

Happy New Year Matthew! Great year of posting!

Faithful One said...
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Dancer for my King said...

DO I get an award too? lol:) j/k
Caedmons Call is awesome!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!**********~~~~~

His Beloved said...

hey matt...i have to say this is the first time i've checked out your blog and i was simply AMAZED at the bbc bloggers list you have...that is a heck of a lot of us! haha but good to know i now know where to come if i ever need to find anyone! Happy New Year! :)

matthew said...

scottie: congrats again on the win :( i heard about the anti-millen campaign. good stuff!

tammy & gwyn: thanksya :)

Comment deleted: My guess is krystin was accidently signed in under her friends name

krystin: you get the award for my latest link addition :)

amy: thanks for stoppin by. There were 69 bbc links last i checked. God bless :)

Jo said...

wow. i'm honoured! thanks for the blog award matt. too bad i'm not in a blogging mood and too bad i have to sit in a hotel lobby in order to get i'net access. don't judge my 2006 blog by 2005 standards....internet access and sanity are rare resources these days in the life of just your average jo.

matthew said...

haha, don't worry about it. i'm sure you'll have some good blogging seasons in 06. God bless.