Saturday, March 25, 2017

Lies We Believe About God (4)

Summary of Chapter 4
The 4th 'lie' that Young wants to focus on is that 'God does not submit'. The basic idea here is that God, as Trinity, exists as a divine dance of mutual submission. And the Persons of the Trinity relate to us in the same way that They relate to each other. God submits to our choices (rather than making them for us).

This was sort of a strange chapter. Young seemed to be making a few different points (perhaps tying up a few loose ends from the first chapters and setting the reader up for what is to come?). I take no issue with Young's idea that God keeps His own Golden Rule. It also seems like Young and I share a similar (social) understanding of the the doctrine of The Trinity. I agree with him that submission need not be a negative word. It can be an act of love. No objections here.

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